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Attractions in Central Island National Park

The Central Island is perhaps the most popular natural habitat for Crocodiles world over. These reptiles have lived on this Island more than 130million years back even before man! In fact, one would think they are a farm being taken care of because of the massive numbers that exist at the Island. A visit to the Central Island means an automatic exploration of the giant and titanic crocodiles spread over the water banks!

Never you worry about safety, you will be accompanied by an armed guard with great expertise about crocodiles, and most fortunate is that these reptiles have their food in plenty (fish from the lakes), they have not developed any taste for humans.

The best time to visit this crocodile Island is between April and May when thousands of baby crocodiles can be heard squeaking in the eggs buried by their parents beneath the sand to hide them away from the monitor lizards who prey on them. You may have a chance to see how caring the parent crocodiles can be upon hearing cries from their babies underground and the way they react to rescue them beneath the sand on to the lake edges.

The Central Island National Park houses numerous bird species of about 84 species of water birds and 34 European species which come back home to rest especially in the months of March and May. Some of the birds that breed here include the Goliath heron, and African skimmer, African open-billed stork, Duck, Gulls, Egyptian geese, little and great white egrets, pelicans, sacred Ibis, Spur wing plovers, black winged stilts and flamingos. Predator birds are also abundant, especially swallow-tailed kites and Osprey.

Despite the whole Island being at the higher altitude, a hike to the top of Flamingo crater lake is second to none! Feed your eyes with greater astonishing views in Africa while here, glance the cliffs and the ever green waters of the salty lake decorated with the wonderful pink Flamingos and other bird species whistling songs that will tickle your lips to laughter.

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