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Enjoy Kayaking in Kenya; A Truly Spectacular safari experience – Kenya Safari News

Blend your Kenya wildlife safari, with a Kayaking safari in Kenya. Situated in East Africa, Kenya boasts a wide number of beaches, mangrove systems, and reefs making an ideal location for kayaking. These Sea kayaks in Kenya are ideal ways of complimenting wildlife safaris in Kenya or Kenya safaris inland where visitors marvel at the stunning Kenyan animals.

There are several Kenya safari companies that offer exclusive ecologically sound access to the secluded, wild, and gorgeous islands off the Lamu archipelago. There are several organized guided explorations in this archipelago located near Kenya’s North Coast. Tourists that have to spend their night there are accommodated at exquisite safari-like tented camps located on isolated islands after paddling through the stunning Kiunga Marine Reserve. Visitors discover the traditional civilizations native to the area, the aquatic ecology, as well as take pleasure in activities like fishing, birding, snorkeling, and discovering tropical island wildlife.

Visitors marvel at the startling aquatic life, numerous submerged reefs and water birds. Guests also watch Roseate Tern flocks, turtle hatchlings, curious land animals, and intrusive dolphins.

The Kayaking experience in Kenya

The kayaking period starts from August to April. Explorations are carried out solely within the marvelous Kiunga Marine Reserve. The Reserve is a 250-km2 reserve having more than fifty islands. Here, the savannah animals meet the tropical sea life. Other than taking pleasure in the stunning scenery surrounding Kenya’s rivers and lakes, visitors also get educational river proficiencies. Enjoy a guided navigation and exploration stimulated by education, competition, initiative, and fun!

Before you Kayaking safari in Kenya starts, experienced instructors will introduce you to the equipment including what to wear and the boat that fits you best. They will also teach you about the basic strokes, boat control, wet exits, and rescue techniques in moving on flat water as well as the Eskimo Roll, which is a vital movement in kayaking. Once all this is in, you will get in the water at the point where your adventure begins.

As part of your adventure, you can move on fast moving water with its riffles, small waves and boulder obstructions, which you learn to manuvoure. Kayaking is also done on the Mathioya river, Maragua and Thika river in Kenya and also a one day at the Athi river in Kenya.

Featured Park: Masai Mara

Maasai Mara National Reserve lies in southwestern Kenya in the Kenyan rift valley province in Narok County bordering Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.