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Mount Kenya National Park

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Ascending up to 5,199 meters and the second highest mountain that soars towards the sky in Africa after Tanzania`s Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya was established in December 1949 on the eastern side of the great rift valley to protect this precious Mount Kenya, wildlife and the surrounding environment. Mount Kenya National Park is covering 2800sq.km, 3000 meters above the contour line, and is 175 km north east of Nairobi.

The magnificent scenery surrounding Mount Kenya national Park is one in the million, it’s an original wilderness with lakes, tarns, mountain rivers stunning glaciers, dense forest, mineral springs, moorland rock and ice and crowned by the glittering twin peaks of Batian and Nelion for the Kikuyu people. Not forgetting the wide range of threatened species of animals and birds.  It is Kenya`s national icon and nations namesake.

History of Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya

Mount Kenya National Park started as a forest reserve, in April 1978, Mount Kenya was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and in 1997, Mount Kenya National park was combined with the forest reserve which is 705Km2 to become UNESCO World Heritage Site. The government of Kenya highlighted four clear reasons for the creation of a national park on and beneath mountain Kenya. They included; the importance of tourism for the local and national economies, to preserve an area of great scenic beauty, to conserve the biodiversity within the park, and to preserve the water-catchment for the surrounding area.

When to go to Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya

Kenya is subject to two rainy seasons, the long rains from mid-March to mid-June and the short rains from September to October. Mount Kenya remains trekkable throughout the year, but during the long rains especially, you will need to be prepared for some heavy rainfalls and muddy tracks. The good news is that even in the depth of the long rains, there is usually reliable sunshine for a good portion of the day (10am – 3pm). Outside the rainy season, you can expect plenty of sunshine.

What to See in Mt. Kenya National Park

Mountain climbing-Mount Kenya national Park, Kenya;

One of the main daring goings-on that tourists to Mt Kenya can involve in is mountain climbing that takes a minimum of five days to climb to highest humans can go on Mount Kenya. The trekking roads in Mt Kenya include the Summit circuit in Mt Kenya, Nelion normal route in Mt Kenya, the Burget route in Mt Kenya and the Timau route in Mt Kenya.

Animal Viewing Safari in Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya;

The Mount Kenya National Park includes Mount Kenya and is basically a forest reserve. Forest belts play host to a great variety of animals. These include elephants, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, black fronted duikers, mole rats, bushbucks, waterbucks, elands, leopards, black rhinos, and buffaloes.

Bird Watching in Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya;

Birding activity in Mount Kenya National park especially at the forest trails is one of the spectacular activities that can enhance your satisfaction. The different habitats, that is, the montane forest, the montane grassland, the bamboo and the moorland, look out for globally threaten species such as lesser Kestrel.

Serena Mountain Lodge in Mount Kenya national Park-Kenya

Sailing like an ark amid the primeval forests of Kenya’s highest mountain, Mount Kenya, this lodge-hotel offers champagne-clear mountain air, sweeping views across the tree-canopy, sparkling trout streams, and gentle forest walks.

Fairmount Mount Kenya Safari Club-Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya

With magnificent views of majestic Mount Kenya, the Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club Resort’s 120 luxuriously appointed hotel rooms, set in over 100 acres of landscaped gardens, offer a unique blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure.

Castle Forest Lodge in Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya

Featuring a garden, Castle Forest Lodge offers accommodations in Mount Kenya. Free private parking is available on site. All units include a sitting area. Some units feature a dining area and/or patio. Bed linen are provided. Castle Forest Lodge also includes a year-round outdoor pool.

Bantu Mountain Lodge in Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya

Bantu Mountain Lodge, a delightful country style holiday resort tucked away in the woods on the lower slopes of Mt. Kenya, 7kms North of Naro moru, 15kms south of Nanyuki and less than 1km from the main road.

The Traditional Natives Surrounding Mount Kenya National Park-Kenya.

The Sacred home of the God Ngai! The kikuyu people of Kenya are one of the communities surrounding the park and are closely attached to Mount Kenya National Park, believing that it is a sacred home for their God whom they refer to as the Ngai.

Other communities surrounding mountain Kenya include the Kambas who game the name to the mountain that was finally referred to as the countries name and finally the Embu and Maasai also gave different names to the Mountain, like the mountain peaks Batian, Nelion ant Point Lenana which are named after the Maasai brave men and medicine men; among many other legendary stories attached to mountain Kenya.

Accessibility to Mt. Kenya NP

Mount Kenya is about 4hours drive from Nairobi. Roads are well paved all the way to the towns at the foot of the mountain, however, the last stretch of road up to the park gates is a rough dirt road that can get almost impassable in the rainy season, a 4WD is highly recommended
An airstrip in Naro-Moru town in Kenya is available for those who wish to take a flight to Mt Kenya and avoid a road trip to Mt Kenya though you later take a short drive to the Mt Kenya National Park in Kenya.

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